Midway to Heaven ( 天国の途中 / てんごくのとちゅう / tengoku no tochuu / The Middle Of Heaven) is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Kurama embraces Mariko and declares his unreserved affection for her, and who also returns his love, as the first missile falls. Immediately, it seems she must have been crushed by its immense weight, despite the fact that it lacked an actual warhead. Seeing the second missile about to fall on top of him, he sees a spiritual vision of his deceased wife, Hiromi, and apologizes for making her wait, as the second missile apparently squashes him. Neither one of the missiles possessed actual warheads, which means that they did not explode on contact. In the distance, Nana wakes up, hearing that Kurama is most likely dead, with his tie offered to her as a memento. Hearing this, she bolts from Bando's grasp and rushes back to see him, despite the warnings given to her. Heartbroken, she runs back and spots the two missile shells, desperately trying to see if he is still alive underneath the wreckage, despite being held back by the soldiers.

Back at the Maple House, everyone is both hungry and anxious while waiting for Nana to come back home safely. Kouta gets up to look for her, and Nyu insists on going with him, surprisingly with Yuka's blessing.

In a vision, Kurama sees Mariko going on to the afterlife without him, just as he is dug out from under the debris by Nana. He realizes that Mariko protected him from the impact, with he and Nana believing this came at the cost of her life. Just as he begins to mourn, one of the missile shells collapses to the ground, revealing Mariko, shocking the soldiers into activity and confusing Nana, who did not sense her presence. However, she is unable to do anything else other than mutter Myu, indicating that she now has an alternate infantile personality induced by the impact to the head in a similar way to Lucy.


  • Yuka is waving hello at someone on the chapter's cover, blushing while in a sleeveless sweater of a darker color over a shirt or blouse.


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