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Modification Surgery  ( 改造手術 / かいぞうしゅじゅつ / kaizou shujutsu / Remodeling Surgery ) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series, and the first chapter of Volume Four.


Arakawa is overcome by shock and distress upon finding the body of Professor Kakuzawa, even becoming physically ill from what she has seen. Kouta repeatedly offers to call the police. She rejects this and strongly urges him to keep silent about what he saw.

On the streets outside the lab, a young woman worries openly about a job she doesn't like, and whether an approaching girl saw her talking to herself about this. She finds both concerns rendered harshly moot when Lucy casually kills her on her way home by way of disturbing the blood vessels in her brain's frontal lobe. She seems to hope that committing such an act will keep her personality active, but still feels Nyu's persona inevitably coming back.

At Maple House, a deeply worried Kouta wonders about Nyu and what he saw in the college lab. Despite Arakawa's words of warning about horned people, he cannot bring himself to believe that Nyu could ever be a killer and wonders what happened between her and the late Professor Kakuzawa.

After bionic replacement surgery, Bando tests his new eyes and hands. His vision is blurred and yellowish, and his mechanical hand will take time to adjust to his motions and operate more freely. Still, he finds the technology amazing. The doctor then offers him the sedatives for his castration surgery. Bando casually asks how much weight his new hand can handle, but cuts off the doctor's response by punching him full in the face, knocking him cold and scaring the nurse out of her wits, claiming he cannot afford to lose his edge by way of the castration surgery. Stopped by Isobe during his escape, Bando is allowed to pass with a promise to return when Lucy is dead--aided in part by Isobe's desire not to be injured himself. Bando recalls and again rejects Kakuzawa's words about his options, being the hated surgery and having Diclonius children. Instead, he resolves to use his status with the SAT before it can be revoked to load up on weapons, and then take time to acclimate to his new parts and prepare himself for a new confrontation with Lucy, one in which he vows to avenge his wounds and pride.

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  • Arakawa in her standard (and, one must imagine, increasingly ripe) lab uniform, one of the only times a non-main character made the chapter cover.