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I'm aiming! She's deflecting my bullets!

Security Guard, learning both that Number 3 was playing possum and that his job security is about to expire

New Nambu Model 60 are small, reliable guns used by both public law enforcement and privately operated security firms, and increasingly, are a weapon of choice for civilians choosing to carry firearms for various reasons.

In the series

In the world of Elfen Lied, these seem to be the standard weapons carried by the security forces of the Diclonius Research Institute. While a reasonable and effective weapon in the real world, their use here raises questions that may tie into the nature of the Kakuzawa clan.

In short, if a Diclonius is aware that these weapons are targeting them, they seem to be almost an annoyance, and mostly ineffectual. In their times, Number 3, Lucy and the Ambush Diclonius all turn the fire from these arms back with frightening ease, with only higher power weapons of greater weight, speed, and power presenting any real threat at all.

In different ways, the manga and the anime both make it clear how little the lives of others mattered to the Kakuzawas. This disdain included Silpelits and indeed non-horned Humans. Perhaps equipping these unfortunate guards with what the power of vectors renders a low-powered gun keeps these security officers from snapping and easily killing their charges. It is even possible it gave Chief Kakuzawa a sick amusement. In short, while a person using a New Nambu Model 60 in the real world can defend themselves or present a threat, against the Diclonius they are almost just noisemakers.