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Nono Nonomiya, first walking a circuitous route to a difficult dream

Nononono ( ノノノノ ) is a seinen manga series published by Shueisha publishing that began in Weekly Young Jump in 2007 and ended in 2010. Written and drawn by Lynn Okamoto, the series was the immediate successor to Elfen Lied. Unlike both Elfen Lied and Brynhildr In The Darkness, the series has no fantastic elements, though some story points still require a suspension of disbelief. Also unlike its sibling series, no anime has been created based on it, at least as of 2020.

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Nononono tells the story of a teenage girl named Nono Nonomiya, who assumes the identity of her late twin brother, Yuuta, to enter the Olympics and win a gold medal. To win the Gold Medal was the dream of her fractious family, but despite Nono having skills far surpassing her brother's, Womens' Ski Jumping was not recognized as an Olympic sport until much later in 2014, so Nono has no choice except to cross-dress so to participate at all. Admitted into a Nagano high school known for producing winter sports champions, she trains to become the champion her family wanted to provide while keeping her secret, and neither will be easy or comfortable.

As one can expect from a series about trying to pretend to be another gender, there are many awkward sexual situations ("ecchi") throughout the manga, with the unfortunate inclusion of Nono almost being raped by a man who learns her secret. The series might exceed Elfen Lied for the use of nudity and sexual tension. Aside from that, those familiar with Elfen Lied will recognize certain themes in this series. There is a premise-breaking secret, the specter of lost loved ones haunting the present, the abusive nature of some parents, the awkwardness caused by the keeping of secrets, and a cast of eclectic, quirky characters, many of whose problems are just as dire or even worse than those of the main character.


  • The series came to a quicker end than the mangaka originally planned when it became apparent that women's ski jumping would soon join the events of the Winter Olympics. Since the entire series was premised on Nono cross-dressing because the women's sport once was excluded, the publisher felt it now lacked immediacy and asked Okamoto to end it.
  • Okamoto Twitter 110223

    Okamoto's tweet about Nononono's title.

    The title of the manga happens to be Nono's name twice in a row, or a combination of her given name and the "Nono" part of her surname, Nonomiya. However, according to a Feb. 23rd, 2011 tweet of Okamoto's, the name doesn't have any particular meaning. In reply to a question about the manga's abrupt end, he tweeted that it comes from the "No" in "Nordic Ski."


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