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Nyuu Caught  ( にゅう軟禁 / にゅう なんきん / Nyuu nankin / Nyuu Under House Arrest ) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Professor Kakuzawa is thrown off and confused by Lucy's presence, talking and thinking to himself in a frenzied manner till he seems to recall something that calms him, also mentioning that the vaccine is not yet ready. Kouta hears his monolog, quickly realizing something is up. He prepares to get himself, Yuka, and Nyu out of there, claiming (somewhat truthfully) that the girl is mentally challenged and cannot understand them.

Hearing Nyu 'speak' as they try to pull out, the Professor realizes that she is either mentally incapacitated, or has a pressing need to act that way. Thinking fast, Kakuzawa claims he knows Nyu and dismisses the rest of the class, realizing the diminishment of Lucy's mental capacity is due to the splitting of her pineal gland. Taking the three aside, he accuses Kouta and Yuka of in essence kidnapping Nyu, who he says is his brother's daughter, by way of not reporting to the police when they found her. Panicked by the thought of being charged with a crime, made to feel guilty for supposedly separating Nyu from her family and readily accepting this lie, Kouta and Yuka depart. Nyu painfully cries out for them to come back, repeatedly calling Kouta's name, the first time she has ever called anyone by name since they found her.

On the way home to Maple House on the temple stairway, the two are saddened until Kouta and then Yuka break down in tears. Back at the underground lab in the campus grounds, Kakuzawa has a weeping naked Nyu tied up hands-first from the ceiling and calls her Lucy, and assumes her gibberish may be an act.


  • This chapter is often mistakenly listed as 'Evil Genius,' the username of a prominent scanlator whose credits appear unusually large on this chapter on scanlation sites (edited out of this cover for wiki purposes).
  • Yuka on the cover seems to be taking the reader into her confidence, regarding some secret. It seems, unlike many in this series, to at least be a pleasant secret.