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One Strike ( 一発 / いっぱつ / ippatsu / A Punch ) is the thirteenth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters thirteen through sixteen is also available.


Nana informs Lucy that she has already called in for support, and questions whether Lucy will kill her. Lucy responds that she has never killed another Diclonius, who she considers to be the only real people, as opposed to ordinary humans. When Nana persists in following her, Lucy threatens Nana by placing her vectors at strategic points along her body's blood vessels, finally striking her against the sides of the stone stairwell when Nana still wouldn't leave. While Lucy boastfully explains that she (from her point of view) had tried to be patient and offer courtesy to a fellow Diclonius, Nana retaliates, boasting that Lucy's attacks didn't hurt her at all, and surprising Lucy with the superior length and number of her vectors. Without missing a beat, she corners Lucy, slamming her around and holding her by the throat as well. Nana proclaims her intention not to kill Lucy, but rather to make her suffer on her 'papa,' Kurama's, behalf.

The Beginning of Elfen Lied Story Arc 3 : The Battle.


  • This chapter is dominated by one-or-two-panel 'splash pages,' emphasizing the back-and-forth of the battling Diclonii. This, in turn, makes the story description run a bit shorter than normal.
  • Appropriately, this chapter cover shows a resolute Nana, proudly wearing her new clothes.