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If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.

Charles Darwin, Voyage of the Beagle

The Orphanage was located near the mountains in the Kamakura area and was run by Japan's Child Social Welfare Agency. It plays a prominent role in Lucy's backstory, as it was her childhood home, if it could even be called a home. It was also home for her chief tormentor, Tomoo, his friends, and another little girl, all of whom were among the first to experience her wrath when her vectors developed.

In the series

The teachers were very hypocritical toward Lucy, only pretending to be kind and thoughtful with her, just to talk behind her back or because they found her a burden when she had a high fever or because they found her disgusting just because she had horns.

This may have also led the women to turn a blind eye towards her abuse and derision at the hands of the other children, this escalation of neglect ended tragically when a puppy she fed and cared for was killed by the bullies, leading to murder the four children present in the orphanage canteen.

The environment of the orphanage was extremely cold for Lucy and to a lesser extent, all the children there, Lucy's description of her peers suggests that the teachers weren't entirely kind to them, since she remarks that the other children were unhappy and wretches.

The teachers being indifferent or cold toward the children already suffering from abandonment could explain why they were so quick to ostracize someone who didn't look the same as the rest of them.

The teachers reported the four murdered children, thinking that Lucy had been kidnapped by the killer, which put her picture in the hands of Kurama and Professor Kakuzawa as they later searched for the original Diclonius.

The facility had large forested grounds and mountains surrounding it, where Lucy would frequently flee when life there became too much for her to handle. At least one story had the young Lucy, with her puppy, watching the young Nozomi sing in a secluded area that must have been at least relatively close to the orphanage.


  • Lucy's real name, Kaede, was possibly given to her by the teachers of this orphanage, or at least by the section of the orphanage dedicated to raising newborns, if there is one. While in-series, the reveal of her true name is meant to be exactly that, the conditions of her abandonment do not lend themselves to believing this was the name given by her mother.
  • It is not known if this orphanage was still in operation during the present-day time-frame of the series.
  • In real life, there is an orphanage close to the Sasuke Inari Shrine. Certainly, it must be a kinder place than the one portrayed in the series.