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Parting ( 別離 / べつり / betsuri ) is the fortieth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.

A story arc digest of chapters forty through forty-seven is also available.


Nana is so embarrassed and nervous at having to take a full physical exam that her new prosthetic arm shoots off as she's pointing. Kurama remembers Chief Kakuzawa's speech, advising against favoritism and raising the specter of the fate of his real daughter. While Nana offers up chit-chat about facing Lucy again, she receives an injection. As she fades out entirely, her tearful goodbye makes him realize that, despite all of his lies given to her, she understood what was happening. Although it seems that Nana is dead, an enraged Kurama bloodies his fist and vows to find her once he resolves some matters.

The end of Nana?

On the beach at Kamakura is Bando, cleaning it up as he goes along until he spots what he thinks is some luggage. This luggage is an escape pod containing Nana. Nana herself is surprised to see she's still alive, and she finds a note with her written by Kurama. In the letter, he apologizes and explains he had to fake her death to get her out of sight and danger. He has also given her behavior instructions and some money to live on, promising that he will find her someday, and then they will live together at that time.

Saddened, but hopeful, she finds herself under the scrutiny and in the sights of Bando, who realizes that she may be a Diclonius like Lucy.


  • On the cover of this chapter, Nana is making the hand sign prevalent throughout the opening credits. She is also wearing a blouse/dress different than the one she is sent away wearing.
  • Due to being a prisoner and test subject in the facility, it isn't likely Nana would have been taught to read or write, making it questionable as to why Kurama would write her a note explaining his decision to save her. The anime removes this plot hole by having Kurama speak to her via a voice recording mechanism in the escape pod.