Peeing ( おもらし / omorashi ) is the forty-fourth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Returning from the store, Kouta enters the house and finds the group comforting the girl he saw earlier, who is now crying her eyes out, over what exactly Yuka cannot determine, except that it seems to involve someone seeing her panties. When he enters, Yuka introduces the girl as Nozomi, who runs off frightened and embarrassed. Noticing that she hasn't put her footwear back on, they search the grounds for her. Finding a quiet corner, Nozomi moves to remove her now overloaded diaper in private, only for Kouta to walk in on her in the midst of trying to offer an apology about their earlier encounter. This upset causes her to hold the diaper to her blouse and wet it with her urine as well. She then confesses to him from what she sees as her cowardice, and when the others find them, she fears that they will learn her secret bladder problem.

Thinking quickly, Kouta pushes her into some standing water, so that her problem will not be noticed, and offers some encouraging words about facing her fear. All Yuka saw was the push, so she prepares to hit him, a punch which is taken instead by a grateful Nozomi. As Yuka recriminates, he guides Nozomi back to the house and admonishes her not to call herself a coward anymore. Finally sitting down to tea, he hears of Nozomi's situation, gifted with a beautiful singing voice, the pursuit of which, career-wise, her family actively discourages, forcing her to seek a scholarship on her own. After it is agreed she can practice while staying at the Maple House and then some coaxing, she begins to sing for them, which all, but entrances the group with the divine beauty of her voice.


  • Nozomi makes the cover this time, looking like she wishes her secret problem to remain just that.


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