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Reinforcements ( 救軍 / きゅうぐん / kyuugun ) is the fifteenth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Mayu is audibly and visibly shocked by Lucy's attack on Nana, and Lucy bats her back, knocking her unconscious into the nearby forest, where Wanta attends her.

Fighting past the intense pain from her missing leg, Nana at first can speak of nothing but the pain, and how it keeps her concentration low so that she cannot attack Lucy. She prays for Kurama to arrive and save her, only to find Lucy standing right over her. In response to Lucy's satisfied grin, Nana defiantly tells her that she is in no pain. Lucy then cuts off her right arm, laughing maniacally. When Nana still insists that she is no pain, Lucy challenges her claim and casually cuts her remaining limbs off, promising a crying Nana the pain will soon stop. Her savagery is interrupted by a bullet, shot by an arriving sniper, striking near her head as she prepares to finish Nana off.

Boom, headshot! (sort of)

Seeing Kurama approach, Nana fights through the pain and takes the chance to use her vectors on Lucy. Lucy screams out in pain and falls back. She thinks of beheading Nana in retaliation, but her vectors don't respond to the mental command. Much to her shock, Nana is still alive, albeit bleeding heavily due to being dismembered. Her vectors won't come out as she wants, and, puzzled by this, she demands to know what Nana did to her as Kurama finally comes close to the pair. Kurama explains that that's "the end of it" as soldiers surround Lucy and Nana, guns trained on the former. The chapter ends with Kurama stating he'll never forgive Lucy for what she's done (to Nana), while she looks at him in utter disgust.


  • This chapter features the iconic savaging of Nana by Lucy, whose cruelty is ably demonstrated as she tears the girl apart. It also features Nana's unique ability to disable the powers of another Diclonius, as well as the first 'fake death' for Nana as Lucy realizes her vectors have been disabled.
  • Once again, the cover is wholly apart from the story inside. Nana looks coy and cute, instead of the utterly broken thing Lucy leaves her as.