Only an overwhelming selflessness should exist.

Chief Kakuzawa, having just used the P220 in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, or likely anyone else

The SIG-Sauer P220 is a weapon used in the Elfen Lied manga and anime series.

In real life

The SIG-Sauer P220 is a powerful semi-automatic pistol created by the Swiss Army and favored by the Japanese, UK, and US special forces, such as the Special Assault Team.

This article's information came from the Internet Movie Fire Arms Database.

In the series

In Elfen Lied, the gun is favored and used by Chief Kakuzawa, almost as much to demonstrate his will as actually achieve an effect. In the manga, Chief Kakuzawa uses this weapon to shoot at and graze Arakawa when attempting to impress her into his service. He uses it again when wishing to demonstrate to Nousou what real control is, doing so by shooting through his hand. The anime only features him shooting Arakawa. The gun he uses is technically a Minabea P9, a Japanese licensed copy of the P220.

It is a matter for debate whether any gun fired at point-blank range could simply shoot a hole in a human hand while leaving it still attached, otherwise intact, and usable. The Chief is depicted as being a very large man, so perhaps the extra width and depth of his hand allowed for this, but a scientifically-based ballistics answer is not known and would be welcomed from a future user/reader.



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