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Uh, No. Those weren't the orders.
We'd have to call HQ.

Satou, showing savvy that sadly will not save him.

Satou was a young member of the Special Assault Team who was sent out early in the series to recapture and possibly kill Lucy after her escape from the Diclonius Research Institute. He was Bando's partner in this endeavor.

In the series

Satou was sent out in a Special Assault Team to capture Lucy. He was partnered up with the acerbic and bloodthirsty Bando, with whom he was often at odds. The two often clashed, as Satou wanted to capture Lucy by the book, not straying from their orders, and Bando wanted to follow his desires. Satou's adherence to his orders led to him often suggesting they call back to HQ to receive more explicit instructions not only when they found the now amnesiac Lucy/Nyu, but when Kouta and Yuka arrived on the scene as well. Satou may have saved the cousins' life in their circumstance, as he cast doubt on Bando's pondering on if they were allowed to kill civilians. Bando repeatedly overrode Satou's request to radio their field commander to seek further orders when complications arose and finally destroyed their walkie-talkies to prevent Satou undermining his wishes.

Bando, who was extremely disappointed to find that Lucy was not the challenge he had hoped for, decided that the helpless Nyu was not worth killing, and ordered Satou to do it instead. Satou hesitated, having had his doubts that this girl was even the one they were looking for, but acquiesced. He even apologized to Nyu as he pulled the trigger, as he was only following orders. Unbeknownst to him, Lucy was rousing from her slumber thanks to Bando's abuse of Nyu, and after Bando's had turned his back, Lucy tore a hole in Satou's torso. She then ripped his body apart and finally decapitated him after he tried to warn Bando by calling out to him. Later during Bando and Lucy's fight, Bando attempted to fire at a grenade that was still on Satou's body to injure Lucy, but he didn't get the chance to do so since she'd appropriated Satou's gun and shot at him before torturing him in earnest.

After his death, Satou is never thought of or mentioned as Bando sought vengeance on Lucy. This dismissal is an indicator as to his worth to Bando, as well as an early sign of Bando's single-minded personality and single-minded focus on revenge.


  • During a flashback of Lucy's younger years, some schoolgirls pass her by while gossiping about someone named Satou. It's possible this was the future SAT member, but just as unlikely since his surname is common in Japan.