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Scream ( 叫び / さけび / sakebi / Cry ) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


As the chapter begins, it has been three days since young Lucy has seen or heard from Kouta, and she begins to despair at the thought of whether or not she'll see him. After finally persuading his reluctant father to let him go out, Yuka reminds Kouta about the next evening's festival, which he has promised to attend with her. Questioned about who he is leaving to see, Kouta realizes he does not yet have his new friend's name.

A distraught Lucy walks down the street, hearing about the family she killed to find a place to stay, and horrified when she begins to think about doing it again. She then realizes that the voice that urged her to retaliate against the bullies is still urging her to kill, and her efforts to quiet it are complicated. Finding an apologetic Kouta by their meeting place, Lucy is saddened to learn that this will be their last day together, at least until next summer, as Kouta and his family are returning to their home in Hokkaido.

The simplest kindness is often the brightest light.

At Kouta's suggestion, they board a train and go to the Nogeyuki Zoo, where a reluctant Lucy is unexpectedly entranced by the creatures kept there. Eating snacks and walking with Kouta hand-in-hand only makes her want to keep him around all the more, with such feelings as new to her as the animals in the zoo. She is depressed by his attending the festival with his cousin instead of her.

As the heat of the day reaches its peak, the pair makes for a stream and splash around to cool off. With their clothes completely soaked, they are forced to strip and let them dry, sitting back to back. Kouta passes a small green stone, a piece of jade, to Lucy as a gift. Shocking and embarrassing him, she turns around till they can see each other in full view, and tells him in no uncertain terms that this has been the best day of her entire life, and that she will never forget it. Kouta believes she is exaggerating, unaware of how lonely her life has been up until this point of great kindness and friendship.


  • The confused look seems to indicate a pensive Nyu on this chapter's cover, perhaps drawing herself close in inclement weather.