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Teacher of Horns ( 角沢教授 / かくざわ きょうじゅ / kakuzawa kyouju / Professor Kakuzawa ) is the twenty-third chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Professor Kakuzawa makes an offer to Bando, to have as many children as he pleases, despite his infection from Lucy with the vector virus, that would cause his children to be born as Diclonii. He states that this would be a chance for scientists, like himself, to study human evolution, but then begins to digress into an almost personal agenda, to see the new species take over. Bando, he says, can keep from being castrated in exchange for helping the new, supposedly superior race of Diclonii to propagate. Bando brushes him off in rejection, stating that the first thing any new such race would do is kill people like the Professor, vowing anew to avoid castration and kill Lucy when he finds her. Kakuzawa states that Bando has no choice if he wishes to avoid the unwanted operation, and Bando seems to grudgingly accept this as he walks away under the escort of Isobe.

At the Maple House, Mayu's new suspicions about Kouta cause their relationship to become strained. After a forced smile aimed at Kouta, Yuka's later questioning of her reveals nothing. Mayu remembers Kouta's earlier, comforting words of welcome that now seem possibly predatory. She is seen grasping at her possessions as if she were ready to run away once more. An image of the peaceful sleeping Wanta indicates a desire to keep him safe and fed.

At college classes the next day, Kouta is tired, Yuka is nervous about their professor's questions and Nyu's presence, about which Nyu herself is clueless as always. The teacher is revealed to be Kakuzawa, now worried about losing Lucy to the vengeful Bando. As he asks a scientific question around the mostly-unprepared class, the trio just misses being called on by him. Yuka's relief is short-lived, though, as Nyu cries out, 'Yes!' out of reflex. Nyu, spotted by Kakuzawa, is immediately recognized as Lucy.


  • Teacher of Horns is a mistranslation of Professor Kakuzawa.
  • A smiling, if not a beaming Nyu is on this cover, where her horns are unusually prominent. The mode of dress also seems a bit more mature than her depiction at this time.