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Tears ( 涙 / なみだ / namida ) is the fifty-first chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


On the beachfront near Kamakura, Yuka despairs of her relationship with Kouta, worrying that, for all his words of affection earlier, it is Nyu that he loves.

At the Maple House, Kouta is relieved to see Nyu's fever has broken and wonders where Yuka is. Calling her mother, he finds Yuka is not staying there and begins to worry.

What seems at first to be Yuka arriving home the next morning, is revealed to be a fantasy of hers about being in an adult relationship with Kouta, ending with his proposal of marriage as they attend a festival, where notably, she even beats him in a carving game.

The idle fantasy ends up making Yuka feel even more foolish and bitter towards Kouta for what she sees as leading her on. She prepares to abandon living at the Inn as well as her childhood dream of being with Kouta. Kouta's arrival interrupts this choice. When she tries to rebuff his offer of going home, he lightly slaps her and declares with tears streaming down his face how worried he became when he thought she'd disappeared.

With his having answered a question she had for some time about his feelings for her, Yuka happily embraces Kouta and asks him if she can continue dreaming. Kouta, oblivious to what she means, wonders if she was sleeping before he caught up to her.


  • It is possible Yuka was suicidal at this point, hence her wishing to cease living at the Maple House, but this is merely conjecture.
  • On the chapter cover, it seems like Yuka is again wearing a yukata, but not enough of her is seen to verify this.