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The Elf Sings ( 妖精は歌う / ようせいはうたう / yousei wa utau / The Elf Sings ) is the one-hundred-third chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


In agony from her hand melting, Lucy collapses at the remains of the top of the lighthouse tower and realizes that Kouta is quickly dying. She then realizes that her vectors can heal Kouta enough to give him a second chance at life, although doing so will surely hasten her death. The murderous inner voice tries to resist, and argues against this, citing all the misery the humans have bestowed upon her. Lucy counters that while she wouldn't mind destroying the world as it is, no matter what she has endured, being all by herself is lonely, and has people she needs to protect, no matter the circumstances. With her will firm and without any doubt in her heart, the inner voice is unable to influence her decision. Lucy bids a tearful, but happy goodbye to Kouta, who will never hold her close again. She finds solace and even joy in the thought that her vectors, which she thought were only good for killing, can heal the one important to her.

"No matter how much I am hated, how much I got bullied, how much I got tortured...nonetheless, being by myself is lonely."

Her voice rises in song as she uses her power to heal Kouta, singing the titular Elfenlied, and her voice broadcasts from far away to Nana, Kurama, Yuka, Mayu, Wanta and the recovering Nozomi, who taught her how to sing it. Her singing is heard even by the jet fighters from the Japanese Self Defense Force, who hear the song playing over their transmission frequencies. Baffled as to what it is, they and their planes are torn apart by Lucy's vectors. Lucy turns back missile attacks and destroys attacking ships and aircraft, causing massive collateral damage in Kamakura as her body melts faster. Using the vector canceller on the Vector Attack Craft, only one remaining ship of the First Escort Fleet penetrates the perimeter, with the one commanded by the Admiral lost to Lucy's vectors.

Kouta wakes up to discover his wound has stopped bleeding, and Lucy's song has ended. He views with horror the sight of her body, now melted into a pile of flesh that doesn't look even remotely human anymore.