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The Heart and the Uterus ( 心臓または子宮 / しんぞうまたはしきゅう / shinzou mataha shikyuu / Heart Or Uterus ) is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


In shock and horror, Kurama, Shirakawa, and Nana stare at the explosion of the supposed weather satellite. The plan of Chief Kakuzawa to spread the Diclonius virus worldwide was enacted before their eyes, seemingly the successful culmination of his megalomaniacal desire to become like a god to the new Diclonius race.

Kurama realizes that humanity may well be doomed, so he takes what joy he can in his reunion with the still infantile Mariko, capable mostly of saying 'papa' and 'Myu.' He also prepares to finally kill Lucy while she is still helpless in the form of Nyu so that the other major pillar of Kakuzawa's scheme, to have her serve as his mate, will be removed and she can pay for her crimes. Fighting loose from the soldiers holding her down, Nyu frantically grabs Nana and urges they go back for dinner at the Maple House.

Close, but not quite, Kurama.

Kurama shoots at her heart and seemingly kills her in front of a shocked Nana, but even as the bullet touches her heart and she falls back from the impact, Lucy awakens and stops it, springing forward and recognizing him. Remembering a bloody scene from their unknown shared past and declaring that she owes him, Lucy prepares to kill him. Nana intervenes, ending up taunted for her previous losses by Lucy, saying the Silpelit has only her head left to lose. In the midst of her vengeful gloating, she fails to notice that Mariko seems to be waking up as well.


  • Nana appears to be fighting back tears on this chapter's cover, perhaps reflecting the bittersweet reunion this arc with her 'Papa' Kurama.