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The One Who Has Freedom ( 解放されし者 / かいほうされしもの / kaihou sareshi mono / The One Who Was Released) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series, and the last chapter of Volume Three.


At the Maple House, worried about Nyu, Kouta decides to go back to the college, and find out about Professor Kakuzawa, hoping that some of his colleagues would know more about him. He gently, but firmly rebuffs Yuka's offer to tag along with him, citing the cold weather and indicating that he can do it himself, which infuriates her.

Arakawa, the assistant to Professor Kakuzawa, arrives at the lab, complaining about her duties and what they demand of her, making her nearly an office gofer with no time for things like personal hygiene. Intending to find him in his basement laboratory, she runs into Kouta and offers to take him downstairs. On the way down, when told of Nyu, Arakawa reveals that the Professor has no brother, making Nyu being his niece a complete lie. She also tells Kouta that the Professor uses this lab to find a cure for a mutation that causes people to have horns, which openly startles Kouta, especially when she reveals victims of this mutation are immediately euthanized to stop its spread.

Inside the basement lab, Lucy watches Kakuzawa's head bounce across the room and declares him unneeded, leaving just as Kouta and Arakawa enter and find his remains. Arakawa bumps into the head and assumes it is part of a sick prank until Kouta points out the body. Both are shocked by his death and the horns on his head, with Arakawa having no answer to Kouta's questions about why he had horns.

Lucy finds a set of clothes in a dressing room and sneaks out of the building unnoticed through a rear exit. While Kouta tries to dismiss the thought that Nyu could have done such a thing, she uses her vectors to kill a woman on the streets outside by damaging the blood vessels in her brain. While this happens, she begins feeling her personality yielding to that of Nyu once again.


  • The original manga for Volume Three features the special chapter, 'Memoria.' While written and drawn by Lynn Okamoto, it does not take place in and has no bearing on the events of the Elfen Lied universe. Any user who knows of this story and can summarize it is encouraged to create an article based on it.
  • The cover is one of the few to feature Kouta, also one of the few to feature a male cast member. Perhaps keeping to the story inside, he looks like he's trying to turn away but finds he can't.