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The Palm ( テノヒラ ) is the eighty-seventh chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series and the last chapter of Volume Ten.


Yuka and her mother prepare to go home from the hospital where Kouta is recovering from his gunshot wounds. She remembers his words about his memories and hopes that he now remembers their past, and kisses him, profusely begging him to wake up, until his eyes briefly stir.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the Agent finds the decapitated body of Nousou in his hospital bed, and seeing the removed mind-control device as well, wonders where Barbara is.

Above the hospital, Barbara floats and senses the presence of a 'traitor' who chose to live with human beings over her fellow Diclonii. Pushing against the ground and sea with her vectors, she achieves the ability to fly and pursues her quarry while leaving behind destruction in her wake.

In the underground grotto beneath the Diclonius Research Institute, Chief Kakuzawa declares that the humans' nature from deep in the past dictated differences and divisions and made their replacement by the Diclonii inevitable. When he posits that Nyu must realize she has no place in the world, she thinks of the Maple House and memories of her dear friends, crying to think that she will never see them again. She thinks of her beloved puppy and Kouta, and of her love for her friends, and declares his grandiose words to be nothing but lies. She then causes her powers to rise and accuses him of taking away the home he said that she could never have, but he is standing outside of her vectors' range. Freeing herself, she is quick to follow him outside her containment chamber, wondering why he is so calm against her threat. For his part, he merely says that she will now have to be forced to be their new 'Eve,' and watches as Anna Kakuzawa uses her oversize form to smash her without fail. Stating that her predictions had allowed for a second personality capable of using vectors and that for all her power, Anna says that Nyu is no threat at all. Nyu thinks only of leaving that place and rejoining the others back home, resolving not to let them stop her, and retaliates with her weaker vectors.

Elsewhere in the facility, Arakawa celebrates a huge scientific breakthrough of historic proportions and tries to figure out a way to tell the general public. However, just as powerful sound waves come from beneath the facility, the tremor is followed by potentially hundreds of visible vectors, leaving her stunned and speechless.


  • Sometimes, the chapter covers seem indicative of the story within. Other times, they are a good deal more disconnected. Rarely is the latter so strongly present as with an underwear-if-not-lingerie clad Nyu lying on a futon seen here.