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The Researcher's Pride ( 研究者は驕る / けんきゅうしゃはおごる / kenkyuusha wa ogoru / The Researcher Is Arrogant ) is the ninety-fourth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Having rescued Arakawa, but not the vaccine, the Agent argues with her about not revealing what it was that got dropped in time to secure it. To make matters worse, Arakawa's use of unique research done by the late Professor Kakuzawa means that recreating it again, even with her knowledge, will be a slow and challenging task during a time frame set against them. With next to no ammunition left for weapons, the two face another wave of Clone Diclonii. The pair manages to convince the attackers' fellow Mariko clone, Diana, to turn her power against them, quickly cutting down rows of the approaching attackers, until she is beheaded by a clone whose range is longer than normal, just as she and her 'sisters' were bred to overcome pain.

As the next wave of clones approaches, the Agent uses two remaining bullets and then ditches the gun, before making a break for the roof. She becomes determined to place Arakawa, the only person who knows anything about the vaccine, in a manually-run lift that will take her down to the chopper the agent had arrived in, though the Agent must stay behind to operate it. Despite her protests, she is sent down with an admonition to save the human race from extinction. The Agent collapses and is surrounded by the clones, revealing that the tough facade most see is a public one because she hates being alone. She then begins to cry and is supposedly killed off-panel.

Arakawa reaches both the bottom of the lift and her enthusiasm, musing that her plan to help spread the virus and then look like a savior for delivering the vaccine has resulted in the deaths of many people, and seems likely to kill a great many more. Her brain aching from the thoughts she is fighting back, she realizes that she must live and find the chopper the Agent mentioned to get off the island. She is heartbroken to see the aircraft in flames, surrounded by yet another wave of clones.


  • Lucy/Nyu is smiling and undressed (again) on this chapter's cover, with one finger raised in an unknown gesture.