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Transformation ( 変身 / へんしん / henshin ) is the sixth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Lucy stands over Bando, taunting him about whether or not he's having 'fun' as he said earlier. Trying to calm himself, Bando realizes that he still has his gun in his hand and that Lucy is too close to avoid the bullets. As he attempts to fire on her, her vectors sever his right arm, and she maniacally laughs while he screams in pain.

When he reaches up in a rage with his left hand, she breaks it at the wrist. He loudly and crudely swears an oath to remember her, never to forget her face, and then to find and slaughter her. In response, Lucy casually mutilates both his eyes by jamming her vectors into their sockets. Bando vehemently swears he'll kill her in his pain-induced rage, and while he flails, she watches him impassively.

Lucy says she's bored of the fight and her vectors rear up and go for his throat. They stop short as she feels a pain in her head. The pain builds until she's screaming, leaving the blinded Bando to wonder what's happening.

Nyuu can be a real headache...get it?

Lucy stumbles away from him and over to the side and continues to cry out until suddenly falling silent. She holds her hands over her face, and after a moment, a very confused Nyu looks up and discovers Bando's maimed body nearby.


  • This chapter marks the first time Lucy has reverted to Nyu since the head trauma that split the personalities.
  • The chapter cover image here definitely meets up with the story inside, with Lucy, nude from the rear (censored to meet Wikia's Terms Of Service) standing amidst several long vector 'arms.'