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Unforeseen ( 予想外 / よそうがい / yosougai / Unexpected ) is the forty-ninth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series and the first chapter of Volume Six.


As Lucy awakens, Nana senses her and goes on the move, leaving the rest shelter to stop her while a worried Mayu watches.

In the Maple House, Lucy experiences more memories returning, and tries to rise to retaliate against Nana. But weakened as she is from her illness, she is unable to resist Kouta forcing her back into bed so that she can rest. Neither he nor Yuka takes note of her increased vocabulary (possibly because she has shown brief flashes of it before) and when Yuka leaves to fetch medicine for Nyu/Lucy, she warns her against anymore 'sexual stuff,' which confuses her to no end.

As the fever overwhelms her, Lucy has a memory of her childhood in the orphanage, being tended to by staff members who show contempt for how many times she has been ill and her appearance. Rising from her bed, she stumbles into the forest, where her puppy finds her and comforts her, despite her protests that she is not lonely.

Kouta wakes her up in the present, concerned that she was having nightmares and lightly chastising, her for always making him worry while he tries to reduce her fever. From beneath the covers, she takes his hand and holds it, worried that he will remember the dread secret of their childhood and hate her, as she sees glimpses of a happier past and of life that might have been. She decides she can only be happy without her memories, for fear she might blurt out something that will trigger Kouta's memories.

Racing back to the Maple House, Nana wonders why she didn't sense Lucy earlier, and why her presence was so weak at present. Stopping at the entrance, she remembers Kouta's warning, hiding out as Yuka returns with the medicine, and sensing Lucy's presence fading as though Lucy herself was forcing it away. Inside, Lucy again becomes Nyu and embraces Kouta, actually managing as Nyu to coherently tell him that she likes and loves him, just as Yuka enters the room.


  • This chapter has the same title as Chapter 90. For purposes of the Elfen Lied Wiki, this chapter is 'Unforeseen,' while Chapter 90 will be called Unexpected to avoid confusion.
  • In the scene flashing back to the orphanage, Lucy's memory begins at a point where the reader almost learns her true name.
  • Nana on the cover is wearing the dress she was sent away in, albeit in a slightly darker shade than seen inside the story proper.