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Whisper ( ささやき / sasayaki ) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


An increasingly despondent Lucy freezes in place watching Kouta comfort the teary-eyed Yuka. She is shoved down by an unruly, loud man, and begins to experience hallucinations.

In her vision, Kouta taunts her and tells her that no one would ever be friends with her because of the countless people she's already casually killed and that his interest in her was only because of his love of strange animals, a twisted version of his earlier words. Her nightmare continues as she finds herself back in the orphanage. Back in that place, Lucy finds herself taunted and teased, as to the hopelessness of her quest for friendship, love, and a place to call home, by a horrifically mutilated and undead specter of her possibly fake friend, and the bully ringleader, Tomoo, as she relives her puppy's death. Suddenly, she hears her murderous inner voice growing stronger and more assertive. The voice insists it can help her make a new world just for her, and finally, she gives into it and decides to allow it free rein, bidding Kouta farewell as she does so.

A deal with her personal devil.

Seeing her on the ground sobbing, the festival attendees merely stare on without helping as a drunkard rouses Lucy, who uses her vectors to rip several of them to pieces. Kanae is among the crowd and flees for her life after witnessing the carnage. Lucy meets a compassionate woman who asks about the blood on her clothes, but she regards the woman as just "another ape" and kills her immediately. Lucy vows to herself she'll rid the world of the entire human race.

Elsewhere, Kouta and Kanae's father panics until he finds his Kouta and Yuka and learns Kanae was not with them. However, they find Kanae swiftly, and, clearly shaken, she tells them many people died because of a horned girl, to which Kouta expresses shock and disbelief.


  • Lucy/Nyu seems contemplative while wearing a turtleneck sweater/shirt and slacks on this chapter's cover.