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Wish on a Star ( 願い星 / ねがいぼし / negai boshi ) is the one-hundredth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


At the bottom of the lighthouse staircase, Kurama holds Lucy at gunpoint and remembers Kisaragi's decapitation, Nana's dismemberment, and Mariko's final declaration of love for him. Lucy remembers her promise to Kouta about never killing again, hoping that he would be proud of her resolve. However, the only regret she has was that she never directly told him that she liked him. A silhouetted scene of Kurama firing the gun is followed by Kouta wondering where she is while on top of the lighthouse. Nana senses, as do the sensors on the Vector Attack Craft, that Lucy's presence has just disappeared, and everyone wonders whether she has died or not.

Kurama calls her a monster, not realizing he's only exacerbated her monstrous nature with his actions, both now and in the past.

What appears to be Lucy is shown with Kurama lying in front of her with his left arm severed at the shoulder, and herself covered in both her blood and his own. A narrative of the DNA-driven inner voice, which, for the first time actively possessed her body, chastises her other self for almost allowing their physical form to die. Kurama verbally assaults her for being unstable, with even more personalities than they thought, and wonders how such a person ever thought she would replace humans. The inner voice retaliates that homo sapiens are equally unstable, just before its first-ever bout of real control abruptly ends. Lucy wakes up in horror to the bloody carnage, with Kouta walking right up and witnessing not her inner struggle, but only the clear sight of her apparently broken promise.


  • Nana gleefully munches on some onigiri, amidst a pop-art rendering of her ala Andy Warhol, perhaps celebrating the series reaching a 100th chapter, even if it ended very soon after this. Her finger almost seems to form a Number 1.