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Yuka's Memories ( ユカの思い出 / ゆかのおもいで / Yuka no omoide ) is the eighth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series and the first chapter of Volume Two.

A story arc digest of chapters eight through twelve is also available.


Yuka walks in on the incredibly awkward scene between Kouta and Nyu. Assuming the worst, she begins to leave amid implied accusations, which Kouta vehemently denies. She even tries to put on an air of maturity, leaving the house key and wishing Nyu well, while Kouta repeatedly tries to allay her suspicions. Before she leaves, Yuka asks him if he remembers a summer festival that they attended in the summer as children. Taking his stunned hesitation as a no, she slaps him hard across the face and then demands to know if he truly remembers her or anything of that time. His apology of not remembering is followed by her running out in tears and his pained collapse as he struggles with his lack of memories of her. Bemoaning his luck, he jokingly blames a confused Nyu.

"Oh no, it's worse than I thought. He's got textbook amnesia!"

At her home, Yuka cries and remembers her futile efforts to impress Kouta with a difficult festival carving game, at which he was superb. Kouta, while cocky about his skill, encourages her to practice more at this by the time he comes back the next summer, which sadly did not occur.

In the present, Yuka looks at a collection of such carvings (including complicated, intricate ones) and knows that she has practiced over the years to one day impress him. She then breaks down into tears and crushes them all, wondering if all her efforts to impress him and her devotion to his memory would make her anything more than a great fool.

In a medical unit, Kurama receives test results on the wounded Bando that confirm an unstated but expected belief about his condition. Even though Isobe offers to explain it to the patient, Kurama takes this upon himself. Next heard is only his rage, from something Kurama said about an operation that Bando loudly rejects.


  • The chapter cover offers an example of Okamoto's style change throughout the series, as Wanta's appearance changes as much as the other characters, going from an awkwardly drawn dog to a more straightforward, cartoonish dog.